Personal 1 on 1 Sessions

You've just made the best investment you can make; in yourself. As with any investment, a maximum return is ideal. A one-on-one session with Shirin is not only the best way to achieve that maximum return, but fun and focused on you and your holistic health and fitness.

Shirin’s unique combination of friendliness and extensive scientific knowledge and experience produces optimal outcomes for her clients; her commitment matches your investment, and she considers your achievements as her own.

Personalized Programs

One size does not fit all and neither do personal training programs.

Generic programs can be unsafe and ineffective; Shirin designs bespoke, safe and effective programs for each individual client. Live too far, or tight on time? Written programs or remote sessions through applications including Skype and FaceTime are available for far away clients.

Please note, to provide optimal service for remote training clients, initial sessions to identify any imbalances or issues are ideally done in person.

Body Weight Training

No time to go to the gym? Gym memberships too expensive? No access to equipment for an effective and efficient workout? The solution: Body weight training. Let Shirin create a customized and functional body weight program for you to address your specific goals that can be performed anywhere, in non-intimidating environments.

Weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved cardio endurance and decreased risk of injury are just a few of the benefits gained from body weight training.

Body weight training programs are also tailored to your wishes, whether you prefer training one-on-one or in group settings with friends or coworkers. For optimal benefits in group settings, ensure the goals within the group are aligned. Body weight training sessions run for 30 minutes (excluding warm-up, cool-down and stretching).

Stretch and Mobility

Optimal performance, whether for athletic endeavors or everyday living must be built from the basics. Body by Motion offers well-structured and functional solutions for optimal flexibility and movement with progressive sessions.

An important aspect of training to prevent and reduce injury, along with enhancing your body’s movement, stretch and mobility sessions improve joint range of motion, correct muscle imbalances, relieve joint stress and improve posture, stability and balance.

Sessions may include corrective flexibility, functional flexibility, and/or core and more, depending on client needs.

(Please note that group sessions will address general flexibility and mobility areas, rather than specific individual issues.)

Intro to Plyometric

Maximizing power and minimizing impact are the cornerstone goals of plyometric training, a technique first used in Eastern Europe in the 1970s to enhance the performance of their Olympic athletes.

While beneficial for sports performance and improved fitness, if performed incorrectly or with poor form the risk for injury increases. Body by Motion’s introduction to plyometric training will enable you to safely and effectively incorporate plyometric exercises into your program, maximizing results and minimizing injury.

Once you have attained the primary prerequisites, including flexibility, core strength and balance, Shirin then designs a program to appropriately, efficiently and progressively transition between muscular contraction while optimally absorbing ground reaction forces. Ensuring proper postural alignment is maintained, programs also keep your goals in mind.

Advanced Plyometric Training

Take your plyometric training to the next level! Designed to safely and effectively promote neuromuscular control and improve power output, advanced plyometric programs enhance performance with functional activities while reducing the risk of injury.

A Body by Motion advanced plyometric training program is specifically designed with your activities and sport performance goals in mind.

Advanced Interval Circuit Training

If you’re looking for a minimal-time workout with maximum results, interval training is the answer. Whether one-on-one sessions or a class setting, interval training is a time efficient workout that improves the body’s capacity to burn fat, increases aerobic capacity, endurance and strength and lives up to its hype.

Always exciting and ever evolving, interval training alternates bouts of high intensity with active rest periods and a serving of strength training guaranteeing a good sweaty session throughout and finishing with you feeling on top of the world.

Still not convinced? The cherry on top of this program is that your body burns additional calories for several hours post-workout. How many depends on how hard you push yourself, so train hard and great results will follow.

Corporate Training

Healthy and happy employees are productive employees. Having an active and healthy workforce increases productivity and reduces losses through decreased sick days, as well as decreased claims on company benefits.

Corporate training is the ultimate team building activity, and an attractive benefit for your staff. Employees will appreciate the convenience of training at their workplace, as Body by Motion mobile fitness services come to you. Group or private sessions are available to enable your staff to optimize their work-life balance, health and productivity.



I’ve trained with Shirin for seven years, and it’s always functional, fun and full of laughter; a lot of thought and love goes into our sessions. Shirin’s a passionate trainer, always expanding her knowledge to best serve clients, which she does with kindness and class.

- Diane Forsyth, Age 69
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